Monday, January 6, 2020

A World a Week: Six of 'Em Dammit-5

The Imperfect Triangle Multiverse

When we started doing the multiverse thing in our Scrap Pile adventures (ICONS superheroes), one of my characters was Professor Hemm. He was created to help solve all the dimensional wall issues that Peryton was throwing at us. We kept spilling into the 80s Universe where Mister Roboto by Styx was the reality. Dimension Q the domain of the dread lord Kithraq was spilling into our own. Baron Karza from the Micronauts, the Marvel one, was worked in there as well. So in one game session the "Imperfect Triangle" of our Scrapverse realities came into being, so we could conclude the over-arching dilemma.

Along three reality poles, Myth, Mechanical, and Mayhem worlds are set. Hemm was able to identify the ties of each of the universes to the respective centers of extremes. Creating, well actually embodying forces already in existence if amorphous, the "Tether Guards" Psy and Psi would reinforce the dimensional barriers by maintaining the singular worlds anchors to their poles. Of course there had to be a big superhero battle in Avengers movie tradition to get things stable.

Sunday, January 5, 2020

A World a Week: Six of 'Em Dammit-4

Welcome to Chi Eridanni-7, my first "Star Track" world set-up for this year's BASHCon in Toledo next month.

As a GM I often explore popular culture in my games. Just the research gives me something as author to do besides think of monsters to be encountered and motivations for the Characters for encountering them. My whole Rat Pack (Frank Sinatra and gang) vs. Cthulhu run of scenarios was the first. Then I started delving into street-level D.C. Comics with Gotham P.D. sessions. And now I am doing bootleg Star Trek. This is because I can't afford the FASA ST RPG from the Big 80s, and I am increasingly not a fan of the Modiphius licensing the more I read it. For how long? Until I get bored of learning about the universe.

My "Star Track" is set in the timeframe of being in-between Star Trek-orginal and the first movie. Players are aboard a DERF-class starship, that's a saucer and fuselage and only one warp engine according to ST fan Mark Hunt (maker of Gangbusters) and I like his take better than the more popular designs at places like Memory Alpha on-line. These crews are doing the more routine things, like setting navigation and communication buoys in already-explored places, rather than boldly going about the galaxy and causing trouble. 

So Chi Eridanni-7 isn't too far from the Neutral Zone. It's cloud covered and rather steamy for humans. Its moisture comes from primarily underground water tables and the atmosphere comes from a series of Amazon forest-sized realms of eukaryotic fungal biospheres spread out over the planet. Most parts look like a sand covered sound-stage with styrofoam rocks though. Two exceptions to that are a group of mountains in the planet's northern hemisphere. These very high attitude areas happen to be rich in the resource of dilithium and other materials required for spacefaring. The other is very near the southern pole where an open saltwater sea is.
Telarite mining firms have been investing in getting assets to this planet. They started the same time as Gorn entrepreneurs. Unlike the more violent human-gorn interactions in the past, the tellarites and the neighbors have been working separately from each other while diplomatically offering assistance when needed. It would seem that both species find the others candid and straight-forward natures agreeable.
In the southern sea regions, a race of beaver-sized frog-looking creatures have been noted to be building hydroelectric dams and small steamships. This has prompted the UFP to set up a clandestine observation post to monitor the species. The station is manned by mostly vulcan and tellarite scientists that specialize in ecosystems and alien anthropology.
The UFP has establishing a 40% tax on any minerals taken from the planet to be placed in a trust for the natives for when they establish warp-drive. The tellarite mining firms gripe about it, but it is the leadership from Tellar-Prime that proposed the plan. The UFP, pushed by Earth delegates, is in talks with the Gorn Hegemony to do the same similar sort of taxation on their denizens.

1- Evil guy wants revenge
2- Super alien makes contact
3- Romulan intrigue
4- UFP passive-aggressiveness
5- Gorn's being untrustworthy
6- Orion Syndicate corruption

A World a Week: Six of Them Dammit-3

Probably started out as  CIV III session
I missed a day, so today I'll have to post two worlds. I remember in the late 90s, like '99, introducing my neighbors at Holmden Ave (Nether-Tremont) to Monsters! Monsters! one long weekend. I worked late shift at Ford and I would come home to the end of their BBQs. Sean and Pat both were mostly-retired mid-40s dudes missing D&D. I was their youthful gaming friend. I would only run T&T and CoC for them because "I don't do D&D." as I'd remind them often.

I can't remember any details about these sessions because we usually were drunk by the time I wrote up a session. Harry Goblin was Sean's highest level T&T PC. He like made it to 9th level Wizard in 5th ed terms.

Friday, January 3, 2020

A World a Week: Six of 'Em Dammit-2

A part of northeastern Marvel City, New Jersey

 Marvel City, New Jersey is becoming quite the mapped out RPG city. For most of my urban supernatural or Superhero scenarios, I place them in this megalopolis. And for a city running 22.7 miles from north to south and as wide as 25 miles from east to west, I have about  19 miles of detailed maps for various parts. More whimsical urban locales, like Egg City, usually started out as a part of Marvel City before requiring their own place on the fantasy globes in my head.

The map that you see above is for my Count Vulgarr 1970 scenario that I had planned to run for the first time at GenCon last year. Alas it was a wash, but the notes are the yarn have grown into threads in other sitdown sessions both had and planned for this year.

The dock district is going to need some work as my bootleg "Gotham Major Crimes" scenarios have been catching on and where else are those scribbles going to end up officially besides "...the big Mack City."

Thursday, January 2, 2020

A World a Week: Six of 'Em Dammit-1

With the conclusion of my War Star Spacers campaign, my dabbling has returned from the more epic-minded saga back into what I call "episodic space." Who knows, maybe I just can't help but make maps of space and come up with story lines even when I don't a play session or two lined up within the next couple of months for it, I am working on my "Big Space" rules for my Spaceship SF RPG. My excuse is that I have a randomized genre gaming event next week, so I need to have some notes ready.

Episodic space, is where I don't have much of a outline as to where the story is going to go when the PC spacers show up. Oh there is a purpose that must be worked through, like "ship repairs," "system survey," or "science projects." A narrative twist like "romance," or "rescue," or "robbers," or a few other things is going to pop up. The "Big Space" notes are my shortcuts to developing the minutia of the universe around the players.

With my charts I develop a "sector" with 2d3 alien species to encountered. I go with the aliens first because, you know, fantasy.  Rolling my ever-handy 2D (two six-sided dice) and translating them into "2d3" results (find a chaos theory doctorate students  to explain this approach), I've come up with four as my number. Using my carts I come with the looks, motivations, and tech levels of these species. I even randomized the names, because I get tired of hearing my own head.
"Zovindu", an interstellar race of orange-skinned shape-shifters (limited to environmental forms), that want to dominate the universe. They, the denizens of "Zov Space," are rather outgunned by the universe though.
"Ukawin," the species of little green men that dominate 3/4 of the sector with their "standard" (as advanced as the PCs) spacefaring technology. Their "United Ukawin Kingdoms" (the U.U.K) could be a serious evil empire, but they're short and cute, with a single antenna, and pink/brown spots.
Now the noble Nesm, the Nesm, species, known for their tall stature grey to pink skin, and three antennae, would rather be space explorers, but 2/3rds of their worlds have been incorporated into the U.U.K. because of their rudimentary knowledge of space travel and weaponry.
The Truzow Federation, is the strongest of all the non-UUK spacefaring species though still not as modern as they need to be. Their cooperative politics with both Zov Space and the Nesm's Free Worlds have strengthened all three nations.

In each sector there is six sections, which are divided into six more fields. I roll a "red D6" and a "yellow D6" and that helps me map out the 36 fields of the sector. The first tells me how cluttery a sector is with solar systems and planetary sub-systems, a "6" result tells me there is at least one nice Earth-similar planet. The second die tells me how populated, or how much traffic is moving through the area. A six means a major mining colony or a space-station is in the area. The result of a "2,1" following Ken St Andre T&T critical fail rules means a black hole in the area. Meanwhile I get more creative with the "1,2" result with stuff like pulsars, ion storms, and heavy-dust nebulae. The Characters whips will enter the sector at a starting point numbered 1-6 depending on a D6 rolled by its pilot.

It took me longer to write this blog than it took me to develop this game setting standby.

Sunday, December 29, 2019

A World a Week: Blimp World Gazeteer 1

Sky Hippos- The safest means of transportation on the entire world. Native to the Primal Land and faring better for the most part and warmer and wet environments, these animals alternately like to feed on aquatic plants and fish and take to the air to avoid predators. The better-fed and oldest ones can be the size of small-buildings. Gaggles of the oldest wilder one still migrate with the seasonal winds from the marshes south of Sihlt-Awash into the Central continent and the Big Island and then back to the western-most Primal lands every few years.

Lope-Trolls- Believed to be evolved from the trolls that are recorded to have been driven out of the world by humans and their gods back in the mythic ages, not a member of those trollish species. They like cooler weather and mud. Though predatory when they are younger, the older ones are smart enough to work with the humans around them not against them.
Kindred of Blimp World

Human- D6. The player must decide before the GM rolls for them whether they have a "plus 1," a "minus 1", or to have no modifier.
0 Wizard
1 Recognized
2 Learned
3 Criminal
4 Newly Rich
5 Landed
6 Titled 
7 Part of the Aristocracy/Oligarchy/Elite of their background nationality.

Furry- May be any animal the Player chooses. They will be either a animal-headed humanoid (60%), a talking-version of the regular animal (30%) or a shape-shifter. The Player does not get to choose, the GM must roll which kind in front of them. They then must live with the results. Bonus points for roleplaying out any disappointment.
Place at Home (roll D6)
1  Criminal
2 Learned
3 Recognized 
4 Merchant
5 Landed
6 Wizard

Goblin- D6. The Player does not get to choose, the GM must roll which kind in front of them. They then must live with the results. Bonus points for roleplaying out any disappointment.
1-Cute and lucky (plus 2D to CHARM and LUCK stats).
2-4 Ugly but smart (-3 from CHARM, plus 2d3 to MENTAL)
5 Ugly and brave (-4 from CHARM, plus 2d3 NERVE)
6 Hobgoblin (-5 from CHARM, plus 2d6 to PHYSICAL)

Elf-Blood- A "halfling" race. CHARM plus 2D. Born with pointed ears and Glamour ability (Caster's NERVE vs Target's MENTAL).  GM rolls for whether the Player gets to roll on the Human (even) or Furry (odd) social standing chart. 

Trollkin- A "halfling" race. Player rolls D6 or the Player opts to allow the GM to choose for them.
1-4 Hobgoblin (-5 from CHARM, plus 2d6 to PHYSICAL)
5-6 Were-troll (spend 2 NERVE and 3 MENTAL points and PC gains 2D PHYSICAL. Able to recover points when back in human form a single point per day.)

A Personage of Blimp World
Klust's Spy Master
Parsifal Kipt, Vice-General Cloud March West Group. the Quick 125
Cut his teeth in the Horde's second war with the Maroon as an Infantry Leutnant. He would then become a sky-hippo pilot in the Western Wars as an Horde advisor to the Floating Sultanates against the Western Oligarchy. Since the undertaking of Horde Unification he has become one the leaders of the nation's intelligence branches. Working near his native lands in the city of Kluster he has many assets in Havre and the Fields.
He has a knack for finding disaffected halflings within his city's neighbors and coercing them into devious schemes against their compatriots and spies of the Compact.

Friday, December 27, 2019

The End of the World, err Year Post 2019

Here was the game-thing making schedule thing that I did last year. 

Jan 27-Feb 15: Getting ready for BASHCon in Toledo (Feb 15-17)
Sure did.
Though I was ready, I actually didn't run the event I officially submitted. The whole weekend was more of a casual get-together of the PeryPubbers, and the clique grew by a couple people.

FEB 15th (?): The release of Wobble: the RPG
On February 19th, 2019, Wobble: Transdimensional Roleplaying was released onto the world. And it was a critical, as in critique, flop.
It ironically sold enough copies both to friends and strangers to pay for the art expenses after the bad reviews. It still sells though I discourage people that ask me first. Perhaps some people still understand that RPG games should not require office buildings to be something to read for fun.  No way. Who wudda thunk it? Still waiting on the profit though on this one. You know, editing and that stuff.

Feb 18- July 31:Getting ready for GENCon's (Aug 1st-5th?) seven runs and working on Spacers(TM): Universe
Yes and Yes. GENCon 2019 was a success for the group, and I sold about nine copies of the game systems that I ran. This was out of 60 ppl that played. So like 3 in 20. What can I say? I still got it as a GM. As for Spacers(TM)...

July 31st (?): The release of SPACERS(TM): Universe.
The spaceship and spacesuit SF RPG to end all S&SSF RPGs, fell apart about June.
What happened that particular bits have become so detailed that they'd just be better as separate releases to be added to someone's Spacers (TM): Core collection.
You, my seated reader, are going to see more than one of these over the following months. Plenty of material is finished and waiting to be edited after the Holidays of course. A lot of the art is bought. My maps and diagrams are designed waiting to be refined. I just want to spend some time to pay attention to the formatting. Mostly because reviewers don't read crap, they look at production and get glazed eyes over glossy paper. Not that I am doing glossy pages and color pictured interiors, but I do want to avoid the non-reader reviewers' ire at DTRPG. Gads, let's hope they just avoid me and mine all together.

August 6- September 30: Prepare Crawlspace's Halloween special. October 1st(?): Release the Crawlspace Halloween special.
Sure did. Here's the mag.
With an introduction to artist Teresa Guido, the whole Halloween thing started in early Summer and ended up with four other releases. Her perspective on things energized me wanting to get my Count Vulgarr "trilogy" out there. Check them out.

October 1-Nov 15: Work on Red Bat Christmas special. December 1st(?): Release X-Mas Red Bat.
Ayup. Not only did a Red Bat with Yule of the Yeti, I happened to do a Crawlspace one as well, which will be released this weekend-- Operation: Joulupukki is just a not Christmas sort of thing what with Nazis and Commies shooting things out in the Continuation War. Definitely a New Year's Eve sort of thing, at least in Cleveland.
Jay Murphy helped make the Holidays special for Peryton Publishing with his X-Mas gift of Santapocalypsis. It really rocks as wargames go. Easy to turn into a table-topper tradition every Yule Tide season.

 December 1-?: Begin Crawlspace, The Letterbox Edition rule additions
Yeah. About that, the name is going to be Crawlspace: 21 and Over... .