Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Lope Troll

The Lope Troll- Often called the "brush troll," or "the gully troll" or "the wombat;" the nicknames depend on the area where they are from. "Brush" and "gully" trolls tend to be around temperate to torrid climates while "wombats" tend to be places south of the equator.

This humanoid is two-lengths tall (9-10 feet) when full grown. As trolls go it is a very short species. But that does not make it any sort of a push-over as monstrous sorts go. The loper is named for its habit to dip down to all fours when charging at prey or fleeing from stronger foes. The lope troll does not like to be copied and pasted from the web where they are available for free to be printed up in a magazine for sale. They have a slow-acting camouflage ability that takes days for them to blend, somewhat, into the foliage around them.

Monster Rating: PCs should be able to handle monsters that can deliver 15 dice plus 70 points worth of damage.


  1. And I do see that you included a 'size' reference...

  2. True - a Lope Troll could easily be a very strong mini troll that can bite your ankles for serious damage...or leap from the camouflage to nibble on your ear. But, the size reference does help the reader envision what you are presenting.

  3. A Lope Troll would have to be the size of a flea to bite the ankle of a fairy player-character Jerry, which is a legitimate Kindred in _this_ game.

  4. Don't understand why you are so antagonistic, but I will in the future just take everything that you write as gospel - sorry for asking questions that seem to make sense to me.

  5. Whaaaa... Oh sheesh. You and your persecution complex. I answer the questions as I know how to answer them. You prostrate yourself upon already explained points and speak of how unjust I am to you. I assume that you like the argument, so I pick on you. I did not know you are carrying a crucifix.
    If you like I'll clap every time you say something. Would that help?