Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Strange Kin #9.1

The Froglin
ST x1/2, CN x1/2, DX x1, SP x3, IN x1, LK x1, CH x1, WZ x1, Hgt x1/3, Wgt x1/2

Found along the wilder and wetter areas of the Known World as well as in parts unknown, the humanoids can be as civilized as any Kin if a little alien to most land dwellers. They are amphibious and do not fare well being in drier areas for too long. They have "Snap Tongues" which can strike out three times there body lengths and grapple up to 1/4 of their own ST.

Many Froglin communities maintain ties with the Wizards Guild in city-states like Fel Sharas or Appo. More decadent cultures, like around the Wyrd of Peakvale, have their covens of witches and warlocks (Wizards) who worship dark and exotic gods-- at least to King Hobbletoe's standard.


  1. Never thought the Temple of the Frogs would open so many doors and windows..

    1. At first I thought you were referring to the temple of the Swamp God in my "No Fences to Mend" scenario. I had not heard of this one until I web searched for the title you mentioned.

      I bet the D&D scenario for as long and arduous as it is doesn't figure in mosquitoes, leeches and malaria. So there!

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  3. I love the snap-tongues of both froglin and their toadie cousins. I am a little disturbed by the kermit pic lol ;D.

    Keep on making fun and interesting new kindred.