Thursday, February 21, 2013

The War Cry

One of the more recurring discussions this last weekend in Toledo, at BASHCon 2013, between experienced T&T players and the newcomers, was the high Charisma of various monstrous Kin in the rules. While I and others, both G'noll and Jherri, kept explaining that the Charisma stat isn't really just how attractive or likeable a Character is to everyone marveling at a Living Skeleton or a Minotaur's high modifiers, an idea occurred to me as to how to illustrate it. The battle cry, or the war cry, is definitely a part of physical, sometimes non-physical conflict. So I thought of a way of using it in Our Game's combat.

In between the Missile phase and the Hand-to-Hand phase of combat, those charging at each other can raise a cry trying to demoralize their opponents. War cries do not help with Magic attacks or Missile shots. They flat out spoil Ambushes. But when it comes to up close and personal fight, it scare away a number of smallish, unimportant NPCs. When the NPCs are worked out, or even when its Character versus Character, each side must roll against the CH or the person/creature that they are fronting to not lose their Luck rating in their Combat Adds.

Just idea. But it was the combat Talent, that I ever allowed that added something to the narrative since I have been playing with them since the release of 7th edition.


  1. I think you have hit on an idea that while it would add some dreaded complexity to the T&T combat, it makes alot of sense.

    Reducing a foes combat adds by targeting specific abilities.

    Reduce STR with a spell to take away that portion of the combat adds

    Reduce LK by using a CHA influenced War Cray

    Reduce DEX by targeted attacks at legs

    I likey!

  2. Not wild about the spell versus STR but the DX leg attack has promise.

  3. In general, I like the idea of targeting an opponents contributing attributes reduce combat adds

  4. There'd have to be a way to prevent everyone from using these tricks all the time. Like say the striker not being able to add weapon damage for the combat turn. Or something like that.