Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Baker's Dozen Of Pages

So far this year, for some reason I mark years from 1.November until 31.October, I have had the good fortune of being able to spit out a 12-18 page yarn every seven days or so the last six weeks or so. Now it takes me a little longer than get the pieces out for public perusal, you know like editing and illustrations. Maybe a map here and there, naw screw those GM crutches. Okay maybe one or two maps.

I am so loving life. My 'Castle of the Moth' campaign, started some 5 years ago at Carnage Convention, is coming out as scenarios for Crawlspace 13. Kopfy's Swamp of Doom for T&T is going to finishing up here. And notes for my Glow game are falling out onto the pages in front of me.

Just wait until you get to read "The Book that dripped Blood". But here's a picture of the first brain drop that was just released.

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