Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Wobble: The Omega Universe

Being the universe where multi-universal travel is believed to have been invented allows those that live there to call their own the Omega universe, at least according to them. The civilizations here have been Wobbling for three centuries while established interstellar empires have been around for at least a thousand years. Their technologies are considered super science by our standards. Each have very distinct outlooks, goals and even ways of thinking.

The Prophesy-
Often called The Oracles. Fortune Tellers, Astrologers, etc...etc of various ilk and styling form this nation of Omega dwellers. They are said to have been the first Wobble capable folks on the Block. That said, they seem very reluctant to do much Wobbling. They believe that they have the ability to actually form the future, and even feel that they are on the verge of traveling into the future to verify their results, as well as their specific linear pasts to rectify any problems found. They are viewed as a reliable intermediary between the various nations of the Omega universe.

The Olympoids-
This group of human-like beings are seemingly immortal and somewhat supernaturally endowed. There are only about twelve thousand of them, and new ones are born very rarely. Many claim to be the deities from ancient human history, though many also claim to be the same one, there at least two hundred and twenty-six folks named “Zeus” and innumerable amounts named “Hercules,” ”Horus,” “Thor,” and “Venus.”
Not really known for their Wobbling, but that doesn’t mean that they do not.

The Apex Company
This is the worlds of the Apex Company. Everyone within this faction is Corporate, but at the same time they are beyond any single corporate entity. Instead they form together in various corporations to undergo the benefit of the Company, because everyone in their fold is a Company Man. That is regardless of position or pay grade within Apex.
It is their Time Agents that characters in Wobble will most likely encounter and come to interact with. Not to go into too much detail, that is because they are the most like us human beings in our Mu universe. Most of the Apex are humans that rarely modify themselves, unless assigned to special missions that require such things. Political, metaphysical or philosophical extremes tend to reflect badly on balance sheets, so the Company mind set is one towards moderation.
Most corporate factions of this entity really like the Mu universe continuum. Some strive to protect it from too much Omega universe interference. At the same time, many are using their advance technology to set up illegal settlements and special projects throughout it for various unscrupulous interests.

The Zenith-
These beings were at one time most likely humans that splint into two distinct factions, during something that they called the Schism. One faction genetically altered themselves into shapes to adapt to various environments that they encountered while exploring new worlds.The other incorporated themselves into machines that would replace their perishable organic parts to also live upon new worlds. Both kinds of these beings consider themselves to be transcended from what they consider to be “primitive” human forms, but they remain emotionally and intellectually very human.  The two sides have worked together to establish an interstellar empire with serious Wobbling interests that have worked against as well as allied themselves with the other civilizations of the Omega universe.

With a singularity of vision that only took a few generations of genocide to enforce, err instill into its denizens, the Uber-World Hegemony is an empire built up semi-autonomous worlds that are essentially ruled by an oligarchy of fascists. This is not as uniform, nor efficient as we, people from the Mu universe, would think. At various times, dictators will arise and unify all of the worlds, even for a few generations. Sooner or later, various other power hungry leaders arise to establish their own authority. But the constance of conformity perpetuates this civilization in a rather unchanging form as time moves on.
Since learning how to Wobble, Uber-World wobblers, seek out like-minded authoritarian mindsets and work towards enslaving, if not just exterminating, everybody else around them. Of course, they claim that this is done in “self-defense” because the other Omega civilizations can wobble as well.

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