Monday, May 5, 2014

Two Things Involving Paleolithic in Pop Culture

Reading this article today, which was nutritional gobbledygook, I am reminded how much I love prehistory. This excerpt will totally explain why,

"The best catch-all (the Paleo Diet)... very little fruit, almost no grains, a lot of meat ... as you pound away at your treadmill, imagining yourself the predator of the steak you will later eat. Adherents (say) our stone-age ancestors were much healthier than us, having no problems with obesity, cancer ... . Pedants point out that the posthumous diagnosis of cancer was pretty patchy until the discovery of the disease in circa 1600BC ...; and, furthermore, that many ancestors were cut off in their prime by other factors (dinosaurs!), and it is impossible to tell how fat they would have become had they lived to (say 34)..."

Serendipitously, I have started to re-read the Devil Dinosaur omnibus last night. Just kind of awesome in its fact-free caloric-filled goodness.

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