Wednesday, June 24, 2015

A World a Week: the Imperfect but Finished China Map

When viewing this map, please remember that I was drawing it as I studied a number of things without viewing any sort of official map. It started out with me drawing in ink what I think the coastlines of the Far Easts look like and then filling things in with pencil as I came across a regional map here and there. That said for all the mistakes, I am glad I drew the map in this fashion. I internalized many of the geographic areas of China and learned more than a few province names, both those that still exist and a few that were around in the 1911-49 period of history.

During my studies I was reminded of my Grandmother's endless mirth at a Dr Hu being one of my coworkers. Makes the whole thing worth the effort right there.
 I am not becoming a Sinophile. But I feel this stuff is going to be useful in a fun sort of way.

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