Monday, October 5, 2015

Crawlspace: Going Meta

This weekend off was meant to be spent finishing up my Crawlspace scenarios for Halloween this season. I've been dealing with cat drama instead. One productive thing I did do was go to Cinema Wasteland. Not that I got much writing done, but I was able to attend a panel entitled "Killer Bees, Blood-thirsty Vampires, and Elvis" where actress Suzanna Leigh regaled the audience with her working in horror movies as well as some other points in her career. Normally I get impatient and know just when one of these panels should end, but this one ended too soon. Mz. Leigh is a great storyteller and has some great yarns to spin. Not sure if you've noticed but I do like me tale-spinning.

Hearing her experiences on the sets of her productions got my mind working out some new angles for Crawlspace scenarios. The sessions should have some "behind the scenes" color. A cranky director making to much ado about nothing. A microphone slipping into a scene and the Character getting to use it as a weapon. Going a little "meta" as they say, the whole premise is already, I know, but I am slow learner.


  1. I have Lost Continent on DVD (MST3K) :)

    1. Now another movie I have to find, sans MST3K, though I think I've seen it already.