Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Vacation in February: Gonna be some Wobbling

As of 7pm Monday night, I have been on vacation. "Vacation in February?" you ask. My reply, of course, is "Who doesn't go to Toledo for the tacos this time of year?" While we're at it, there's this little get-together at the University of Toledo, called BASHCon, which just might be some fun to hang out at for a while.

Now our pre-BASHCon bash, at the Red Roof Inn, off of Secor Rd. looks like it might have just the right amount of people to make it some fun.

I've written the scenario, "First Contact: The Vulcans" as a Wobble adventure. It's not what you think.

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  1. Tracey has to work until 8 and the boy has a concert tonight - should be there around 9 at the earliest so start without me...