Friday, July 29, 2016

Miscellaneous Notes Before GenCon 16

A bit busy these days...

Zombie for Crawlspace (TM)
While a later stage "zombi" is at a minus 3 (-3) for any MENTAL Draw, this characterization is highly dependent on the story going on around it. Not only can the Director (the GM) decide how smart a zombie, but they are are incredibly hard to kill. Rules-wise that means, that it takes as a LUCK Draw at 1 after enough combat damage (5 Damage cards) to kill it.

But when fighting a zombie, if an Actor takes any damage while fighting, if a Damage Card is of the same suit of his PHYSICAL Stat he is infected.


Someone wrote a scenario for my T&T(TM) space opera New Khazan. Dr. Roy Cram, a real life healthcare provider, out of Kansas (I think), mentions a gas giant about four years after I asked for one. to write up a GM's scenario for my specific setting called "the Kliklac Encounter." This scenario is available from the Snollygoster E-Zine available from Rarr I am a Monster Publishing. I might or might not review it later.

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