Saturday, March 24, 2012

From the Desk of Mad Roy Cram

This just came in my mailbox today from Roy Cram, who's Yorda personna is as developed as my own Kopfy, following up on an article that he wrote. He adds adventure seeds for my New Khazan T&T setting. I am dying to see more of this Professor Whenn character of his.
Dear Kopfy,
Yorda asked me to provide you with some info on the T'wall for gaming purposes. You have read the description and seen Grummlakh's nice picture (they are uglier than that). Based on my travels and talking with people who have met them T'wall come in the following sizes:

Hatchling - = Grizzly bear - shell = chail mail MR 100-200
- = Kodiak Bear - shell = plate mail MR 300-400
= Rhinoceros - shell 2 x plate mail MR 500-700
size = elephant to Mammoth size. Armor = 3 x plate mail MR 800 plus

They are fire proof (though lava and molten metal will hurt them); liquid air will freeze them, but not kill them. They can be shattered if frozen this way. Otherwise they are impervious to ordinary cold. Electricity, short of a full fledged lightning bolt will just annoy them. No known disease can hurt them (though a specially developed bioweapon might be developed if one had time and the resources.) Fortunately, most of the specimens encountered are small and usually injured or impaired in some way. This unfortunately makes them even grumpier than usual. They tend to be magic resistant. Hope that is helpful. If you have questions or comments trollmail Yorrdamma and he will get in touch with me.

Your humble servant and friend,

Professor Whenn

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