Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Wobble: MY Pyramid-Heads

The Pyramid-Heads-

As close as anybody wants to get.
Genetically-engineered warriors that were up for sale as cannon fodder to the highest bidder, or bidders. It was not uncommon for pyramid-heads to wage war upon upon other pyramid-heads for the interests of others. The injustice fell short of their notice. In their make-up coding they are not all that bright. But, like all living things, the survivors did learn. So things changed.

It was this learning that enabled the luckiest and toughest of them to grow wise enough to rebel against their designers and retailers. The leaders of the rebellions seized the cloning machines and the designs for themselves. They also went about making their former makers and buyers as close to being extinct as possible. Genocide is a word so casually thrown about these days, but Pyramid-heads use it with a trans-dimensional meaning that surpasses our usage.

These rebellious leaders would split into different clans, sometimes nations. Most tend to offer their services as mercenary forces. As individuals, pyramid-heads are not noted for their empathy towards others. They have a reputation for brutality if not downright cruelty.

Pyramid-heads were designed for adaptability and working in varying physical environments so there is a long list of area-specific mutations. But as they are cloned they are from one basic design. This has not doomed them as an inter-dimensional species. They seem to be thriving. Though not designed originally for brilliance or genius, nothing but cannon fire is holding them back. Various factions of note have more than capable leaders. More than a few have become marauder pirates of various dimensions, to varying degrees of success.

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