Thursday, July 4, 2013

Stepping Up But Not On the TACK

Well the first game system for TACK is out. Crawlspace 13 was released on the first mostly for the folks planning on playing in horror events at GenCon and Carnage this year. I am trying not to think any more settings at this time for the Action Card system, because I have to get some my dice based games out before GenCon. But Wobble and Powder-Punk may very well end up with their own deck of cards, figuratively folks, one day.

Response has been awesome and I thank everyone buying a copy so far. I might be able to afford a new set of work boots for my day job before GenCon without working OT. Mind you, my uniforms wouldn't be so ratty and threadbare if I weren't paying for Crawlspace 13 all spring already.

There are various bits and pieces coming together that may just lead to a series of horror scenarios in the upcoming year. I have mostly complete notes for "The Monolith's Keeper" and "Cigarette" from the Dark Gathering last May. David Crowell's "Beer Run" should be on the stove. And of course Mike Larsen has had a couple ideas sketched out and waiting since 2010, maybe before. "The New Girl Is Such A Witch" is a Larsen title that comes to mind.

Do me a favor friends, hold me to getting out these scenarios. To speak for myself, this game system is going to be the foundation for some awesome horror tales to come. I am freed of a lot of self-imposed preconceptions of how to write for the horror genre in role-playing. I can change tone with the session, and play to group of repeat players. I am dying to see where the meta-campaign goes.

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