Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Glow notes: The Lagotropic Campaign

I've been speaking to a couple people, JerryTel and TadK (Tad Kelson, if I haven't mentioned him before) about help with scenarios for Glow. While I am busy with making the Character Sheets and getting the final product assembled for BASHCon, hopefully but time is getting short, I thought I put up my notes for a series of scenarios that I have had outlined for a couple years now. This can be used as reference or not for the interested submitter.

Here is the Rustbelt. This is one of the few functional rail lines in the post-apocalyptic world. Running some seven hundred miles from the Mutant Lands of the east to the robot kingdom of Techno City. It runs along the southern ridges of the Great Swamp (once called the Great lakes). The railway connects three distinct "nations" directly (the Rustbelters, the Mutant Kingdoms, and the Technocracy) and influences the Noob Empire and the Y-Tribe.

The Rustbelt culture strives to keep relations between mutants, humans, and other sorts (robots and furries) on an even keel and cooperative. It is very high tech in certain parts but more often pre-industrial (around 1860) in most of it. They are under constant pressure between the savage, blood-drinking skeeters from the swamps and the warlords of Noob Empire, who are always looking to steal other folks' good stuff. 

Techno City- Once this was the domed city of Chicago, and part of the Bubble-Head metropolises that were designed to isolate its inhabitants from the hostile world around those domes. The artificial intelligence running the city became so self-sufficient that it deemed organic portions of its city unnecessary. What happened to that city's population, the organic portion, is rather sad, brutal, and ugly.

North Fort- A major trading city of the Noob Empire, the feudal road warrior society that covers most of what was southeastern and parts of the Midwest. The Noobs maintain a large fortress against forces of the Technocracy or the Y Tribe coming into their lands.

Detroit- (not explored yet)

Fecund City- An outpost of the Y-Tribe, the empire of Clone One.

Toll- Built on what was once Toledo, this is a Rustbelter city-state. It maintains a large military force dedicated to keeping the Rustbelt railway and various trade routes safe for commerce, for a price of course.

Crash- Colony 16-B at one time. A cluster of water collection colonies established by the Bubble-Head city of Phoenix (yes Arizona) when Chicago stopped sending water to it. It was overrun by skeeters and other swamp denizens. It is named after the flying pods that are still sent from the domed city to the south and cannot find any safe landing spots. To this day bewildered Bubble-heads stumble out of this area into the world beyond their domes confused and ill-adapted to it.

Kleft- Built a few miles north of the ruins of Cleveland. One of the Rustbelter city-states, founded by residents of the area and refugee bubble-heads from Crash. The Noob Empire barely hides its ambitions at annexing this city, and the skeeters make life rough during the summer.

Wellspring- Built not far from the ruins of Erie, Pa. A Rustbelter colony that trades cleaner than usual water more than anything else. The skeeters are a problem for the folks here, but the town's mayor says he's working on a solution for that.

Buffalo- A Rustbelter city-state. (not explored yet)

Toronto- (not explored yet)

"The Great Swamp" is so large that is an ecosystem in and of itself. During its sweltering humid summers temperatures stay around 95-100 degrees Fahrenheit. The very brief winters can stay quite frigid for weeks on end causing a complete freezing most years. The wets seasons, what we would call spring and autumn, go from miserable to steamy or from steamy to miserable to frozen in about a month.
The skeeter, or mosquito-people, are the dominant species throughout the Great Swamps. Ratlings, and Racoon-heads do tend settle in as well, with humans (soapie and nearlies) coming around third. Insectoids (roaches usually) are not uncommon.

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  1. Awesome stuff...I wish I had more time to delve a bit into my own thoughts to support this...maybe after I get something else done.