Monday, February 24, 2014

Taking Time

Seriously. I am taking some time to release Glow. For a product that I intend on charging $2.25, that's US dollars, the Canadians, Australians, Belizeans residents of Belize, Bermudans, et al,  have to do the math, which I hear that they're better at anyway, I have been certainly putting on the brakes towards getting this product out. While my half-brother, Byron, not that one, might want to take credit for this after chiding me for years to "Learn your craft (writing)", that really isn't the cause. It's the positive feedback I am getting from the play-testing.

During the 2014 BASHCon session, my players read through my rough draft of the rules, adorned with art and expensive color cover pages, and asked unforeseen questions. I have been able to come up with quick answers, luckily still working in the matrix of the basic rules system in front of them. The players that nodded, smiling, at those answers, then quickly returned to reading or jotting of annotations on the Character Sheets, tell me that I am not done. Yes, I know, that is play-testing. But more importantly for me, the questions are telling me what the players are finding interesting. Then looking at where the questions are in the text, I begin to fill a bit hoping to satisfy the future reader. AND I want to explore into the topic a it more anyway.

I doubt that I will ever have a game system that is perfect, but none to date have I wanted to present so much within it. It will still be rather succinctly written. Amateur game-theorists, the miniature-dependent, and fans of semantics will probably not be overjoyed. Still, I am dying to see what it exactly that I am making here.

Of course my intended release schedule is shot, but hey.

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