Saturday, December 27, 2014

A World A Week: Ur-Kleft

When in doubt, use your local area for inspiration.
In 1999-2001, I was able to run a 5th edition  T&T game for my neighbor and his friends. Having only ever played D&D, err "AD&D" they were unfamiliar with any variation of the that game. They found the character Kindreds so new, that I centered the campaign around the different "races." The region in front of you is Ur-Kleft. The names on the map were derived from three made-up languages that the differing Kin spoke.

The shaded area are where one would find humans and hobbits. Mountains indicated dwarves, while elves and orks were anyplace that humans, dwarves, and hobbits had not tamed. I put T&T's leprechauns in any place with >...< around the title. These bracketed places were very dangerous to most species that were not highly magical in nature, even elves were nervous about heading into them.

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