Saturday, December 27, 2014

Wobble: Payphones, Part 1

I've twenty minutes to get this out. 

 Ever since the advent of the cell phone, well the cheap and affordable ones, I've been wondering about telecommunications of the world. All the big companies have been trying to get rid of their land lines, though the folks still using them won't hurry up and die already. For the past year, I've been wondering about pay phones. I started out at the nearest bus stop. As I get around to a lot of parts of the region in my day job, every time I see a pay phone I jump out to see to if it's working or not. I am seriously thinking of making a map.

To date, only six out of 134 pay phones have been operational. This area ranges all over northeaster Ohio. A fire-fighter pulling a part-time shift at my workplace informed me that all firehouses still have working pay phones in them. Interesting enough is that around 1am every night, a partial ring occurs-- probably the phone company sending out a test signal, but something with a lot of potential story-wise. A couple other municipal buildings I have been to still have them, but I haven't found them in all of these buildings.

All I need is a spiffy species, or better yet, a couple, or more spiffy species... 

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