Monday, November 16, 2015

1500 miles worth of gaming

Since mid-September, our gaming has gone from what I had thought was one of the busier RPG schedules that folks with stuff like jobs and life happenings going on, into hyper-drive. Since late August, we've hit the sweet spot for on-line sessions and Carnage up in Vermont got us some face-time to top things off. The last two weeks have been even more intense than usual.

Carnage was Nov 6-8th. Of course we like to get there a day early and Robin started the weekend on Thursday night with a Conspiracy X game. While I liked the session and the players we top form, as is usually the case, the game itself made me yearn for Delta Green. Throughout the rest of the weekend, I would end up running four out of six of the games that I promised to run. That was one T&T game and three Crawlspace games. What was awesome is that I was able to conclude my "Castle of the Moth" horror series with the one surviving Character, with the player (Derek Harde)who has played him for five sessions over the last six years. This dude has seen bigfoot, the moth-men, and wrapped it up with a final horror-filled ride aboard flying saucer. I apologize for the "Dune: the Rock Opera" session that I didn't run. I will do it next year and amp up the preparation seeing the full table-interest.

The trips to and from Vermont were quite enjoyable. During the stop in Syracuse on Wednesday night, I met an Adam Brown who was a game designer and writer working at the Red Roof where we always stay. His game looks awesome, I hope we can talk him into coming up to Carnage in 2016. At the convention, I rediscovered the joys of hot-tubs and mountain air. I also hung a lot with Zach, my "Carnage son." Coming home, we diverted into Ithica and Big Flats New York territory where I set my "Castle of the Moth" town of Horsehead Crag somewhere around. Early dinner at Tag's was as awesome as ever.

"Horse's Head Bluff"

The "Carnage Son"

Route 13!

Once at home again, I barely worked two days before having to jump into playing in Peyton's ICONS on-line campain. The "Magi Bomb" session was awesome and full of drama as well as action. The next night on Saturday, I took a break, but Pery helped Curtis, start his D&D "Tales of the Orange Troll" campaign. I was only sitting in on and listening to the action, but these guys went hard for five hours on-line which is like a ten-hour session at the tabletop. On Sunday, JerryTel wrapped up his Tele-Con 2015 (the first annual, I think)  with running a "Little Horror on the Plains" scenario for his Stay Alive! modern T&T variation with us on-line and a couple people at his table. Well that last session ended up being "Part One" and we have plans to work through the historical fantasy piece over the winter months.

It has been an awesome autumn. I do need to get some writing done though.

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