Saturday, November 14, 2015

Metaphysics for my ICONS supernatural sub-plots.

Despite what most mystics would have one think, there is no default in the universe towards order or divine law. Structure happens by design. Denizens of universes find power and come together to create the order of the universe around them. While plurality comes about, the drive to maintain what is considered “right” or “normal” is a significant drive in all places where folks like to live.

Chaos is not the opposite of structure, indeed it requires structure to exist to thrive. Chaos meshes motivations of structure to its own purpose, which is very self-serving. That is as well as defiant to those that would tame it.
Within the universes there are an infinite amount of aspects that make each of them and occur throughout them. These aspects can be somewhat elemental and alike, but there are exceptions. Earth, wind, fire, water, magic, plant, light, shadow, et al are all manifestations of the aspects.

It's not just that all “good” things must come to an end, it's that change is the one and enduring truth in all of existence. Change comes about best when what is there wants to change. Eroding the arbitrary barriers, set by past endeavors, no longer relevant, opens the range of possibilities of the new age. 

The Architects
Magicians that are not only powerful sorcerers but are champions of the order of the existence around us. They are not an official group, but an association of individuals that come together when our world is threatened by forces from beyond our own universe.

Lance Fredrick, the current holder of the Helm. This helm is said to have belonged to Merlin and before him Marduk, it grants the wearer vast magical powers (+15 more points of Character creation options) when wearing it. As Spelllock, Fredrick is probably the most powerful sorcerer on Earth at this time.

Professor Hemm
The “Navigator” of the multiverse around our home plane, as well as the sub-verses within it as well. He also is very committed to maintaining the barriers between the various universes and each other.

Dr Mojo
Sheila Gisgo, a gifted surgeon who turned toward the supernatural to work against the forces of Corrosion.

Samedi Sam
Specializes in hunting those that break the rules of death, also knows how to bend the rules a little as well.

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