Sunday, January 10, 2016

Elvismas 16 "The Edge of the Maumee"

I was supposed to get out at 4pm dammit.  I should'nt even have been at work, I worked Christmas and Thanksgiving. Okay maybe I am just a whiner. We'll luckily, I was no longer expected in Cincinnati at 10pm, Friday but Toledo "sometime," Saturday. Getting off of shift at 6:30pm last Friday was just fine.

Showing up at the start of festivities by jumping into Peryton's video ICONS game "Deathwing" right on time. I finally got to play my Demon/Creeper rip-off, err  homage Goblin. While playing in the wife's ICONS campaign, I am still working out the basic conventions of the systems, so I am trying more than the usual amount of characters per campaign-- So far I am at four (three and a half really). To toot my own, I think I orchestrated a pretty good story-arc with the Professor Hemm/Goblin portrayal here.

On Saturday, we showed up in the TOL, where we met with JerryTel, The Boy, and lil' Mickey (a new guy from Akron). Not too expensive, but expensive enough, beer, Napoleon brandy, fatty snacks (for drinking), and just about as fatty pizza appeared in abundance as I waddled my way through a Wobble proto-scenario for nine hours. Debauchery doesn't quite describe the decadence going on.

As usual, The Boy put my adventure outline for "The Edge of the Universe" to the test of how to deal with uncooperative role-players, while everyone else, including the new guy, showed there their skill at table-top role-playing. I suspect that JerryTel hates my Wobble games, but as a good friend he still sat through the session. Peryton was doing the most awesome "trans-Atlantic" accent ever. Micky_Akron showed his deeper role-player by showing that a Greaser could become a trans-dimensional traveler by applying motor maintenance to the larger universe around himself.

A little after midnight, it was determined that the Tele-Con palace was not good enough for me and my posse for chillings. We ended up at a hotel just on the other side of the interstate of the Cinema Casino of Toledo. I hate to admit it, but by 2am I was sleeping hard while my phone buzzed with about 14 text msgs. At 4am I answered my niece, born just after Elvismas on my 16th birthday (I was there), and let the others wait.

 In the morning, I slept in as long as I could, but there was snow. Peryton was mildly outraged, but I had to remind her, that "Snow loves me."

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