Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Launch into Orbit, SPACERS Core is Out

On Sunday, home sick from work, I decided to get "Book 1: Spaced Out" into the electric sphere of publication. My core rules of Spacers has been finished for a while now, but I was fiddling with it. Mainly the ending part wasn't coming to me. It was during my sick day, that I decided that I wouldn't have an ending to this part of the rules. "Spacers Universe" is still being worked on so I be a bit more wordy in that work.

Awake after a fifteen year nap? We've got a little something.

For right now, there needs to be a set of rules that isn't me handing friends rough photocopies. I have BASHCon coming up in February, where the clique and I have ten "Jupiter Moon" events lined up. JerryTel could probably use a couple hints as to his Stay Alive "Sy-Fy" notes--don't email me about "sy-fy", I already asked him to go with "S-F" or "Sci-Fi". Beckett is jazzed and doing up his own dystopian science fiction setting around those moons, he has some thoughts about the SPACERS rules as is.

The reader does not get a well-defined, elaborate setting, these core rules have always been about how does a role-player do space, and its space opera genre, in simple terms. This might not be the norm for most reading this blog when it comes to SFRPGs, but don't let that discourage you. Take a look at the Types and run through the spaceship and other rules. Find a special Star Trek episode that you like and apply the following work into translating that airing into a tabletop session. You will find that this set of rules works out nicely.

For role-players wanting more than quick rules, "Spacers Universe" is just around the corner. In this work, the reader is going to find a lot to work with "hard sci-fi"-wise as well as space fantastic, err space fantasy.

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