Thursday, December 27, 2018

New Year A'Coming

We're not divorcing, yet, I think.

With Peryton's, of Peryton Publishing fame, third announcement that she is quitting game design and this time stating that she is not working for Peryton Publishing except to help me out, I am a bit befuddled. Not about her dropping out, like I said Pery (Mz. R. Christina) has announced this three times over the last as many years, and few dozen times to me privately. The whole thing started a decade or so ago when GENCON pointed out that we ran enough events at the convention to get prepaid free badges and other stuff if we organized into a gaming group. Then the publishing came about as a way to share artwork between each other's projects. While I had read about perytons in the Forgotten Realms Moonshae Islands trilogy (the first one I think), I was never that into the creature or anything.  I would've probably gone with T.R.o.T.T. Games (Tom's Ripoff of Tunnels and Trolls) at the time. Now I am stuck with the domain and the products. If I want to I can probably talk my resigning partner into doing Qalidar at her already owned without much problem.
Proof that I knew her before she went big.
 I still want to rename the business to Spiders From Mars Games or some such. We'll see.

Time enough for ham biscuits and coffee.

With Wobble and Spacers (TM): Universe in the post production phases, I have the time to read a lot of people's games and not just the big ones. You might've noticed my "Games You Probably Haven't Heard Of" entries. This is a lot of fun. Expect more of them. I will probably start fleshing out my TACK (Tom's Adventure Card Kit) rules for the 2020 ('21?) remake of Crawlspace. In this rendition, Beckett and I get really rabbinical law crunchy with some pages worth of new rules.

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  1. PeryPub has a decent track record, and I am personally superstitious about names. I would advise you to hang onto the name. (I mean, when I first encountered "Blake's Seven", it was about five people, none of whom was named Blake...)