Monday, February 11, 2019

The First Wobbly Step

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A game I didn't want to write except since about three years ago is done. Fifteen years after I started scribbling notes for Peryton's "D&D meets Dr. Who." Then when that project changed, I just couldn't help stop thinking of stuff in my. Instead of working on projects that I really wanted to, I would distract myself with coming up with more stuff.

Then when I said, okay let's do it. I couldn't stop it. A page long list of different universe became about 40 pages. A couple of the "Verses" had like eight to eleven small-type filled pages over the years. The number of universes expanded a few times. Most awfully, the game sessions over the years, since like o7(?) only added to this process. Those damn player-characters with the backgrounds that developed over the course of play. The last three years my job has been to whittle things down more often than fill up some place markers.

Between last night and this afternoon when Peryton helped me by completing the PDF for release, my stomach has been topsy-turvy even shoveling the driveway couldn't help. I am happy and sick with with relief that this thing is out.

I just hope that it's cheesy enough. I mean that in the good way.

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