Monday, January 2, 2012

Mistress Race Trolls

It is said that the worlds' most famous troll Grimtooth came from this Kin and was only later transformed into what is called the Rock Troll species. These trolls resemble goblin or hobgoblins just a lot taller and rather more muscular, and their ears tend to be much larger as well. Why they are called Mistress Race, no one quite knows. Some say it is from the time of the Wizard Wars, or something called the God Wars.

While their skin gets harder with age (one point Armor gained per century of life) it is rather like the flesh of humans or orks to begin with. They have very poor eyesight but their sense of smell and haring make up for that. They have sonar based hearing similar to a bat that essentially acts as Cat-Eyes at night though the accurate distance is limited making them rather medium range-"sighted" in either night or day.

As Kin they are generally rather civilized, with their own garb, literature and Trade languages. But their tendency to live in the dark and eat the bodies of their vanquished as well as their own is seen as "evil" by most other cultures around them. They do not like to be copied and pasted from the web, where they are posted for free; and pasted into print publications for someone else's profit without the author's permission or compensation. Many of the are devoutly religious to the Cult of the Trollgod and work their way up as Warriors, Wizards, Rogues and whatnot through the ranks of this church.

Delvers encountering these creatures for the first time should be able to handle at least nine dice plus 40 points worth of damage potential.

(This is going to be the last troll for this year's High Season, because I am prepping for Elvismas. And special thanks to Chaosium's Runequest for the inspiration here on this particular entry).

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