Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Leap Troll

The Leap Troll is a smaller species of troll, but one of the more crafty and deadliest of encounters that delvers will ever have to face. Not only are these trolls, leapers they are the most accomplished kin at camouflaging themselves in whatever environment they happen to be in.

Here is one that got stuck in daylight in a civilized place. Only the most astute observer will see it i this picture.
Adventurers encountering a Leap Troll should be prepared to withstand a creature that can deal out eleven dice plus fifty points worth of damage, and can absorb up to 7 Hits because of its elastic skin. As always the Leap Trolls do not like to be copied and pasted from on-line where they are available for free into a print magazine for profit without the author's permission. They are low to average intelligence, despite their cunning and propensity towards stealth.

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