Wednesday, March 12, 2014

2014 New Year's Schedule Progress Report

Well here is how things are comparing to my plans in late December.

o...There's potentially a great Elvismas coming. The stars are lining up just right, when in doubt default to Indianapolis.
o... Release the post-apocalypse RPG Glow.
o... Re-release Crawlspace 13, the deluxe edition.

o... Release the re-release of Spacers.
o... Release Stay Alive's "Apocalypse In Your Hometown" scenarios.
o... Finish "Kopfy's Swamp of Doom" saga, it's more than just four episodes of resolve, set in Scott Malthouse's Peakvale setting.
o... Have a Hoot or two, maybe even discover Rhode Island.

Crawlspace 13, the Deluxe Edition was released around the middle of December. I didn't have a particularly great Elvismas, but I did have a nice party at home.

It's the middle of March, and Glow is in post-production. That means last minute editing, formatting Character Sheets, trying to close the loop on getting some high quality maps together. But there is a good group of players and a helpful editor keeping me on track.

The third Kopfy's Swamp of Doom scenario is about 80% finished.

If Spacers is out by May, I'll be amazed. It'd be nice to have ready for GenCon. Hopefully the extended process around Glow will mean this project will be easier.

A compilation of T&T modern rules scenarios Apocalypse In Your Hometown is being sorted and assembled for editing and then production, probably out by May. A T&T scenario by "Mad" Roy Cram entitled "The Misty Island Horror" is slated to be out around the same time.

And it looks like it's Wisconsin not Rhode Island later this month. Monk and I are going to Gary Con.

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