Thursday, June 12, 2014

Meandering Monsters

I've been reading Jerry Teleha's release Meandering Monsters since I've been back from Tampa's Salty Bay Con. Now this isn't a review because I would be violating some rules imposed by Peryton upon me,  because I know the guy. Also some jag-off elsewhere has implied that somebody shouldn't talk about something which he receives for free. While publishers would agree, what planet is this dude from? Since I am reading our household's printed copy, which we paid for, because I am afraid to use my Kindle and most likely lose it in obscure folders to get my free download at, I figure I can blog about it. Technically speaking, since I wrote the Forward, well the first one appearing in the work, I think I should be able to review everything but my piece-- it, of course, just happens to be the best forward ever written in the history of language-- as long as I disclose my association with the publisher.

Meandering's take on a tabletop RPG supplement is that it is the journal of a long wandering Player-Character whose name happens to be Lorian Darkshade. I actually know the kid, I'll name him when he's 18, who plays Lorian, I am the best Kraze, one of Lorian's friends, player to date, so reading this is a lot of fun for me. The approach, what I am actually talking about, hasn't been used since the Ravenloft works of the 90s as far as I know, which makes this magazine a pleasant change of pace. I find myself wanting to get to know more about the campaign world that Jerry has been running, as I only get to it once, maybe twice, a year. This alone makes me want to see what comes in following issues.

Teleha's format for the monsters, is one that anyone who is familiar with T&T can use. It might be too detailed for some. It might not be detailed enough for people that claim to play T&T but really don't. The adventures tie into the monsters discussed, which makes for some detailed atmosphere of the world around it. And then there's the forwards, did I mention that I wrote one of them?

Did I mention I wrote the Forward?

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