Sunday, June 29, 2014

Wobble: Gravity Salad Of the Geomi

My strategy to keep mixing up the tone of my campaign varied by having a few too many things going on at once.

Poor JerryTel and Peryton had to deal with even more gravity salad as the weekend's Wobble game turned from "The Tinfoil Man" into "The Repository." So far the sessions have been a pleasant treat for me, as all RPG sessions should but bear with me here. One of the things that I want to avoid with my "multi-genre" games is a set kind of format for the adventures. Sure I have my propensities as a GM as to what I like to do, but I do try to avoid getting bookmarked. And if I am going to do trans-dimensional gag for table-topping, I will do my best to mix things up.

This last story had the Characters playing members of the general public following up on the mystery another Wobble scenario "Corporate Raiders." They were aiding a fellow that a bit lost in this world. Helping him out ended getting them a couple of arrest warrants and pulled onto an alternate Earth. The Characters awoke on this new world with any guide or much information besides some exposition from the NPC that they were helping. He wasn't around. That left the players rather motivated in their portrayal of their Characters as unsettled and rather lost.

Their first friend, well acquaintance was a fellow that was living as a near homeless bum who thirty some odd years ago was a professor of History on our Earth. As with all poor folks who are smart, according to certain movies, he of course is a conspiracy theorist and basically has a bat-cave. What he didn't have was all the answers, well not many of the right ones. This led the protagonists into touch with the Crawlies. Maybe inferring contact is a bit much, this got the Characters captured by the aliens.

It is here Melita Giles and Ben Moss, Pery and Jerry respectively, got to hack into a records repository and to get some more information about the multiverse around them. They also had a chance to meet "the Librarian," an entity known as Geomi, who the Crawleys on Mu-B3 Earth employed as an information processor as an interrogation specialist. Luckily they didn't. They were able to avoid its web, a bit of gravity salad-- always a favorite of mine. Making their escape in a work van they are headed back to find the Tinfoil Man.

Geomi, Quick 4,000
Gravity Displacement
Memory Eater
A demon fabled as a keeper of ancient and the most obscure secrets of the universe. It actually is a beast that likes to consume neural matter and can spew out its meals meal's spoken words, from any point in the food's lifetime. This entity is from the Omicron universes but does not have a form of its own, it must use multiple bodies of the species that summon it to take form in universes outside of its home. It seems to like to form them into the semblance of an arachnid, but with ten legs.

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