Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Wobble: Babelonian Ashtarakashinutyun

A seed for the Wobble scenario Babel Tower:

Alarms at the International Space Station, Rosaviakosmos, and SpacCom go off when a very large piece of space junk appears suddenly in prime communication satellite orbit zones. Initial reports indicate that is a space craft of an unusual design, but most likely of earth origin, it bears the insignia of the former Soviet Union. Russia is claiming ownership of the mass and are launching an exploratory, err retrieval mission in four days. The American response is to turn to the WOBBLE Laboratories at Baffin Bay Island, with the new prototype wobble-ship The Albatross, which can get there in hours, if it works. Uncle Sam is willing to fully fund the mission as long as they run it, this scenario starts in the meeting between the Wobblers and the USAF leaders.

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