Sunday, September 14, 2014

Wobble: Pierre Rho

A human from the Mu Continuum of universes, that is the one where our planet and history, called Mu Prime, is, Major-General Pierre Rho is a Wobbler of great importance to his, as of yet unvisited by our Wobblers, home-world. This experienced astronaut and his four man crew of the SS Moondust are on record as to having explored as far into the verse beyond the Lambda verse as anyone ever has on record. He is one of the top commanders of the African Federation Space Corps, despite his Belgian birthplace. The District of Doboma is believed to be as prominent as Washington DC and Dar Al Salaam as influential as New York City on this world. 

Rho is something of a top-spy for his entire world when dealing with trans-dimensional espionage. He has multiple times foiled incursions from the Greatest Empire and the Overmind. He is his world's Chief Ambassador to the City of Spoons, for further details play Wobble's "Here Be Dragons," though he is frequently not there. He is known to be engaged to a humanoid alien princess of another world in either his universe or another-- perhaps there is more than one engagement. The man just stays busy.

Most often pictured in a space suit, he will more than likely end up in all sorts of outfits before the end of any of his adventures.

Pierre Rho, the Quick 250
Science Matters, able to understand alien technology like he is reading from an 8th Grade Science textbook.
Kung Fu, his Duck is 2x the normal rating.  

Perry Rhodan looks an awful lot like Pierre Rho, but they're totally different characters.


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