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October 1st

The Crawlspace Vampire

Of course a wooden stake through any vampire's shriveled, black-tissued heart does 8 Damage cards automatically-- the three extra cards work against the All-In Hand.

Of course this creature starts out as a dead body. If it's a Character, the Player must first Draw within two of the dead character's Luck to arise from the dead. This draw takes place on every turn throughout the relevant game session.
When the vampire arises, it has a second card added to its Charm. This Charm bonus will most often used in convincing others around it, that he or she isn't the most horrifying thing that anyone in the room has ever seen. It must consume the life blood of a nearby cast member, supporting or starring, or suffer one Damage card per hour of its new existence. If the Hunger causes five Damage cards, the infant vampire dies again. The All-In Hand may still bring it back, and the cycle starts again.
Once the infant vampire has killed, its Hunger dies down to one Damage card per day. It will take one Damage from every minute of sunlight that touches its skin without an All-In Hand. A Holy Symbol of any sort will do two Damage cards once per viewing. Garlic and holy water, will negate any Charm success that the Actor has achieved in fooling others that it isn't a vampire.
The infant vampire will require a Nerve Draw at 1 to disobey whatever entity that “sired“ it. By sired, I mean killed the person that it once was.

This vampire has been able to refuse its maker, its sire, if you will. At this stage, the Hunger still causes one Damage card per day. For each day's Damage all the creature's Charm Draws will be at that many cards disadvantage. The toddler is able to resist the effects of garlic and Holy water with a successful Draw at 2 on its own Charm.
This vampire is able to pick which STAT it will lay its extra card at sunrise for the following sunrise, the start of its next day.

Throughout the years, the vampire will only age in years as many minutes as it is exposed to sunlight. The hunger will subside to a Damage point per month. This is only after a century of essentially not aging, though. The vampire is usually very well-read and quite learned about things by this point in time. This century plus of life marks its development into being an adolescent of the undead species. On top of that for every new vampire that it sires, it gets a Fame card when that infant is within a day's horse ride away.
This vampire can withstand a day's worth of sunlight for every cast member, supporting or starring, that it is able to kill during the course of play. It will never be an adult until its maker is dead though.

At the death of a vampire's sire, it becomes an adult, whenever it occurs, except when for infants. An infant will become a toddler if its maker is killed before it matures to a toddler.
An adult vampire gets Fame cards for each of its “children” within thirty miles of itself. It can walk in daylight for three days after it has drained a cast member of his or her life force, but only when wearing sunglasses. It will age normally while in sunlight. If it doesn't wear sunglasses it ages one year per minute. When it hits 90 years old or so, it takes one Damage card per minute afterward.

When an adult vampire kills another adult of its ilk, it becomes mature. At this point, it is no longer adversely affected by sunlight at all. It does require an Open Draw to determine however many kills per month (King=One..Queen=Thirteen, Joker=Fifty), extras allowed, to not fall into a Hunger coma. Once in a coma, it is old and shriveled, unable to add its extra Card to its Charm ever again.
Now if a mature vampire kills another mature vampire, it becomes either a mortal human again, with all of its memories intact, or it becomes a demon. 

More on demons later.

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