Friday, September 12, 2014

Wobble: The Weeb

 Shennay Webber was a typical person from our world working at the Mutual Assured Development insurance company (MADCO) when she was introduced to the multiversal worlds of Wobble. A recruiting party from the Greatest Empire seized the office building where she worked and "conscripted" everyone that they were able to get their hands on, play Wobble's "Corporate Raiders" for details. The woman was able to escape by overtaking the crew of wobble craft and spiriting herself away.

Some ten years later, she has been encountered various times by Wobblers as a near legendary figure known as the Weeb. Using her pirated vessel crewed with a band of humanoids that can only be described as bat-like, the Vreee, she has been making life hard for trans-dimensional travelers from the Greatest Empire as she tracks down her co-workers to free them. 

The liberation is often bitter-sweet as most of the rescued have been reduced to cyborgs of little or no sentience. A couple of the higher functioning ones are assisted by the Vreee, in caring for these folks. A whole nation of the Vreee in the dreaded Omicron verse appear to consider the Weeb as their reigning monarch.

The Weeb, Quick 200
Sonic Implants, able to move in dark with full sight as well as scan most nearby radio waves.
Kung Fu, her Duck is 2x the normal rating. 

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