Saturday, November 8, 2014

A World a Week: Ruin Quest.

The first ever Tripod City
Did I ever mention that I get a little tired of Tolkien-based, err influenced fantasy? Well from '93 on, I had been running T&T games heavily influenced by Runequest's Glorantha. I didn't have any of the books anymore, so when I drew up a campaign area in '95 or '96, it was a Thanksgiving afternoon, that much I remember, the setting didn't really have a lot in common with the fore-mentioned world.

Rooqa, as it was called after the first year of play, was very early bronze-age. It might or might not have been based on a certain region of the Danude. Larry Niven's The Magic Goes Away was a major influence. I remember doing theoretical things like solo-playing out fights between smaller dragons and saber-tooth tigers while making climax adventures for some of the players.

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