Wednesday, November 5, 2014

A World A Week: WS3K Species.

Human- You and me in Spaaaaaaaaace!

Primrosean- They like to call themselves "The Prime." This group of humans somehow teleported from Earth in 2257 to the planet known as Primrose. They are psychically-gifted and have 700 years plus of a history without being controlled by their home planet.

Qua-Qua-Kali- Despite their beaked heads, this amphibious humanoid species evolved from creatures that fed mainly off of clam and oyster-like creatures. The original inhabitants of what would become the Yankee Sector. They view the humans, the berger, and the kodoa as just another series of invaders for the last nine hundred years.

Imperfi- Pointy-eared and slight-framed humanoids with skins that change color to camouflage themselves. Very clan-oriented and rather feudal in their governmental system.

Kodoan- Amphibious reptile bad-asses. They tend to be quite warlike, well we've fought four wars against them. They blame us.

Berger- Very ugly, but very smart and technologically advanced humanoid species. They have multiple warships that are the size of the Starwars Death Star.

Oliph- Elephant snout-faced humanoids without mouths. Believed to be vegetable in biology. Very good interstellar explorers. They tend to get along with anybody.

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