Saturday, March 21, 2015

A World a Week: Still, but Not Just, Undwater

My Tare K'uhd ("Deep Waters") campaign setting turns into some twenty-six pages in my notebook. But I started getting into prehistoric history as well as life aquatic. This lead to this map on the eighth page of these scribblings.
 The kindred of the kuda and slithids made way for my otgan (otter-people), and hissers (crocodile-people). The muckra, sentient algae colonies came about while I play-tested my cave-man scenarios, complete with humans and apes (hominins). The lands of Kikiyang, the north part of the Long Island, even had a dinosaur or two, as it was the Hisser "capital."  The land-based Sleth (sleestaks) were tied to these few remaining dinosaurs. Boy you should've seen all the aquatic dinosaurs I worked into the deeper waters, the kuda had their hands full.

An advanced, well bronze-age, human culture was exploring these strange waters. These humans were viewed like martians from another planet by the locals. They were based off south Asian Harappan culture. I was attending lectures on India at a local library at the time. I drew up this map for my academic notes.

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