Monday, March 30, 2015

Is Your Easter Bunny Up to Snuff?

With Easter right around the corner, or two weeks if you're Eastern Orthodox, I hope everyone is preparing for some awesome tabletopping. I dunno about you, but a three day celebration of the dead coming to life and mixing in pagan fertility rites and symbols (that's eggs and rabbits) is about the most surreal holiday that I can think of. I really do enjoy getting the Easter Bunny involved in RPG sessions.

Here's my Red Bat Easter Bunny
Physical 100   BASH 225
Mental 75       ACC 210
Charm 700     DUCK 250
Luck 125       SHAKE 185
Nerve 85       HITS 185
                     BLAST 775
                     SHRUG 875
(A plethora of magical things)
Friends With Golden Egg Goose (Lk+9)- Very helpful when needing gifts in a hurry. The guy can get 2d6 magical, and very valuable, eggs per day. He doesn't usually give them out as Easter gifts though.
Been Down the Rabbit Hole (NV+17)- He's hipper than Santa Claus, and kept his head around the Red Queen. Cthulhu might be scary, but E-Bunny doesn't loose his cool very often
Notes: Probably the oldest surviving Pookas of all time. He was one of Pan's personal favorite prodigies when the whole Christianity thing killed the Old Time Religions. He still is a giving sort, just don't piss him off.

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