Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Wobble: the D&D Universe

The Xi Verse-
On what would be Earth in this universe are small societies that are somewhere around the Later Metal in technological development, downright medieval looking. Humans are the dominant species here tend to form feudal government systems and caste-based societal models. A variety of what we would call creatures of folklore and myth, like dragons and trolls, dwell here as well.
The technology level remains somewhat stunted because of the ability of basically anybody that can read being able to perform rituals that enact what researchers are calling magic at this point in time. This seems to keep the elites of this planet wanting to keep literacy and mathematics as hard to attain as possible. 
Some of the human natives have Wobbled into the Omicron and Alpha universes, but don't seem to have gone much farther.   

The Kingdoms of Grey Rock, this culture spreads from what we'd recognize as Ice Land and peters off somewhere the Azov sea in Russia. These fiefdoms are ruled by knights commanded warrior-kings or powerful wizards.

The Sultanates of Jhambhur, this culture extends from northern India to the Grecian peninsula and over northern Africa into the Iberian peninsula. Ruled by warrior-kings and their knights and wizards. More often than not the sultans work together a lot of the time under a ruler known as the Mogul.

The Empire of Nobo-Songhai, the feudal kingdoms of sub-Saharan Africa extending all the way into the southern extremes of the continent. There are often multiple emperors, and civil war is not uncommon.

The Hunting Ground Nations, maintain an oral tradition making it even harder for anyone to learn magic, these nations are on the north American continent.

Realms of the Flying Serpent, the feudal kingdoms of northern South America and Central America. They generally like to keep more primitive than medieval to keep things more interesting.

Elfheim, colonists from the Psi, the light and dark fairies, universe seem to be in control of areas around the globe. Finland, the islands of Japan, and the peninsula of Florida according to a few local maps. The natives of the Elfheim domains regularly travel to and from the Psi universe through a shortcut that is known only to them.

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