Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Chaos Troll

Chaos Trolls are, sadly, some of the best known trolls, mostly because they are so distinguishable. Usually the height of two adult humans to a smallish giant, they always have greasy, green skin with pitted black pores. Their eyes are more akin to a shark's solid black "doll-like" eye, as black as the wiry hair that adorns their heads. Their noses tend to be long, skinny and come to a carrot-like point usually the length of a man's arm. As species of trolls go this lot makes hobgoblins look like rocket scientists when it comes to the brains department.

As these trolls are marked by chaos, they do have a range of special traits that ensures their survival despite their ping-pong ball sized brains. These chaos traits include regeneration or lost parts as well as hit points. Burn damage, if the flame is intense enough to get through the creatures' nature slime. A dislike of being copied and pasted from online where available for for free to be reprinted in magazines at a price without the author's consent. Sometimes they have the ability to disjoint their bodies and move through edifices, nooks and crannies that should be too small for the large creatures to do so. Sometimes it is the ability to move attributes around depending on the environment around them. Infrequently, the WIZ score of an individual will vary each combat round by a certain number of dice. And even more rarely, the Chaos Troll may have all of these traits at once.

There are other traits, but those listed above are the most common.

A party of adventurers encountering a young Chaos Troll should be able to handle twenty-one dice plus 100 points worth of potential damage. Their thick skin is more rubbery than leather-like, enabling ten point natural armor. Their like of shiny things, means that they may wear armor from fallen PCs as trinkets, also adding to their defense in combat. This also means that their loot is also pretty awesome and can be quite magic laden, which they are luckily too dumb to use.

The Chaos Troll is both a sticky challenge for the average delver as well as sometimes interesting opportunity.


  1. Nice - I like the fluctuating WIZ - that would affect Kremm resistance, correct?

  2. Yes it does. And I would rule that attempting to cast the spell would only allow weapon damage without Combat Adds.

    Sort of like "Do you feel lucky, punk?"