Monday, December 19, 2011

The Snow Troll

Snow Trolls are said to be the illegitimate off-spring of the Great Cyclops and the Troll Mistress, well before the Wizard Wars that waged throughout the worlds of the Cosm. These are not to be confused with the species of trolls known as Ice Trolls, because the two despite similar proclivity towards cold climates are definitely not the same.

A physical description of these trolls is hard to come by, because their kindred's adaptation is the use of illusion. They love to vex the farther out settlements of civilization with apparitions both benign and horrifying in aspect, but ultimately malicious in intent. Often appearing as a derelicts and offering to perform menial tasks for pay during snow storms in the dead of night. What indicates that these are Snow Trolls is that ultimately the illusion is contradictory towards normal civilized behavior. A snow troll will appear to brush away snow from your front doorstep, but not be wearing a coat or shoes but have gloves on.

Of course, if the villager loves their daughters and wives, they will not let these trolls into their abodes. Offering to say a prayer for them, will foil their Mirage spell and the person, if they survive the encounter will see the Snow Troll as it truly is. No descriptions are available to date.

When wandering through the wilderness worshipers of the Christian god should take extra care, the Snow Troll can smell Christian blood and they hunger for it.

Statistics for this most evil of all trolls are not available.


  1. Kopfy, do you stay awake at night making up this stuff? You're awesome and scary.