Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Sea Troll

The Sea Troll, often called "water trolls" or even "aqua-trolls," are a kin of trolls that dwell for the most part of their lives in the depths of the seas and oceans of the planet. They are capable of moving about on dry land thanks to their humanoid form and can breath open air, but are by far much more comfortable in seawater. As ever these trolls are very adaptable to their chosen territory. Some racial variations include ice covered areas where they assume the black and white colors similar to an orca whale, and grow until the same size in length and weight. Others is warmer climes tend to grow hammer-head shark like heads and remain much sleeker though perhaps a bit taller. All variations of Sea Troll do not like to be copied and pasted from the web where they are available for free to a print publication that costs money without the author's permission.

While very predatory, the Speaking Peoples in the waters around them, like the otgan and talkipi, do not consider them strictly predators. They are treated more like monster-kin, similar to the Kuda, who, by the way, are often referred to as orks of the seas. If an area is built up enough, the Sea Troll will behave itself and its trollish hunger pains, and stick to chasing schools of tuna and land-dwellers knocked from small boats. More information on the sea-dwelling Speaking Peoples will be available this upcoming year.

Delvers encountering a beginning level Sea Troll should be expect to face a creature that can do 17 dice worth of damage plus 80 combat add points on top of that. Their shark-like skin can vary greatly from individual, generally around two dice worth plus another die added to that, and the GM should not remember the DARO rule. A general rule of thumb from those that would know about facing hungry or enraged Sea Trolls, is, "... the more scars them has, the tougher its hide be." Many a peg-legged and hook-handed pirate adventurer has repeated this bit of lore.

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