Friday, March 21, 2014

Wobble: The Crawlies

The Crawlies, Quick starting at 200
AIM and Duck at 200
BASH at 100
May shift gravity to allow them to move along walls and ceilings when necessary.
Description: A species that is very apparently skilled at Wobbling as well as being very stealthy as well. If their skin wasn't always ash gray, they'd resemble pumpkin-headed scarecrows. They tend to be nine to fourteen feet tall, with humanoid bodies. Whatever their true propensities, those who come into contact with them come away horrified. The Crawlies are associated with a very specific group of humans from the Mu Universe and its variations (the Mu Continuum). All of these humans are in universes different from where they think that should be--In other words, abducted and abandoned would-be Wobblers.
The Scoop: The Crawlies can trace their evolutionary pattern from humans of the anthrocene (homo sapiens, sapiens) period some 45,000 years before now in their history. While their facial organs are very small , the same size as our own, compared to their frame; their skull cavities are very large. Their brains are marginally larger, but the skulls themselves are designed to receive radio waves and translate them into neurological impulses.
Though able to communicate wholly through radio frequencies, and very established at slipping through universes, the Crawlies think that they should be psychically endowed. They travel to and from the Mu Continuum and abduct certain promising individuals trying to affect their evolution towards being enabled with psychic abilities.
What they don't realize is that they are not actually traveling through time. Instead they are creeping out a lot of sensitive and talented people. Wobblers becoming more familiar with what is going here when they are around view them more and more as a threat.

Allister Crawly, Quick 335
Notes: This Human from Mu Prime, our world, is believed by the Crawlies to be the solution to their problems. Being told from an early age he is "chosen by fate," he's a megalomaniac and a sociopath. 

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