Sunday, July 27, 2014

Wobble: the Noodle From Out Of Space

Still in the goofy space that the Negbho are from is the dreaded void-dwelling monster that can only be described as "the Space Noodle."

Originally described by the ancient Wobblers, the Ubbans, this creature was thought to be a myth, but has since been confirmed my interstellar travelers of the Mu 14 universe. Fig has encountered him and will warn anybody listening to avoid running into this creature. It is referred to by the Glorp Blort, a Wobbling species from our own universe, as the Passage Maker, but even they avoid its particular stomping grounds.

As for its "stomping grounds" this is very predictable. It dwells where the stars are right, throughout the universe it inhabits. Fig has figured out where a lot of these places are, while other lesser scientists, insane beings most likely, still strive to find them for themselves.

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