Saturday, July 26, 2014

Wobble: The Wewwers

Sometimes called Spider-Heads, most often called "Sewer Monkeys." This is species that comes from a universe where magic, not physics, rules. One god of magic is attributed with kicking them out, and that god's brother is actively hunting them down. Their own god is not known as much of a protector, so these folk have things rather rough. Whatever the deeper goal of these creatures are, it is not helpful to anybody else but themselves, though the oppression by a little sun god does grant the bystander some grounds for sympathy with them sometimes.

The Wewver are humanoids with arachnid heads. With eight-eyes and mandibles around the mouth. Their bodies are very variable though. As infants, they are born from mothers and not from eggs. Twins are infrequent. More births than that have been recorded, but much rarer. In short this species reproduces much like humans. As a head is a rather large spider-head with an unformed humanoid body stumbling below it. So these aren't wholly an alien species from our own , like arachnids but with a made-to-fit body. It is their outlook and strategies for dealing with life, existence and whatnot that make them abhorrent.

Their societies are very caste based, so caste-based that their individual forms are based upon the first blood sacrifices they eat during their transitional period from toddler to adolescence. The lower castes are fed animals of which they are expected to be of the same IQ and they are endowed with special characteristics of that creature. The body will still be humanoid, but not of the same gait or stature of a human. The elite is fed sentient beings. These individuals do indeed assume the characteristics in their bodies that humans would find appealing– at least from the neck down.

The Wewwer, the Quick starts at 125
Most encountered will have psychic abilities.

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