Thursday, July 31, 2014

GenCon 2014 Schedule

Reading Pery's blog, it occurs to me that posting the games that I running at my own blog is a good idea. It helps any potential players that happen to read it plan ahead. More importantly, it's a place that I can reference to keep track of stuff I need to get done before the convention starts. I intend on not being stressed by anything during the drive to Indianapolis. So here is my GenCon schedule.

8pm Temple of the Time God (Sword and Sorcery) RPG 1453293

9am Corporate Raiders (TV set Sci-Fi) RPG 1454924
8pm Valley of the Towers (Post Apocalyptic) RPG 1454925
11pm The Book That Dripped Blood (Horror)  RPG 1454977

2pm A Fungus Among Us (Space-based Sci-Fi) RPG 1455755
7pm Here Be Dragons (Robinhoo Sci-Fi) RPG 1455756

I am definitely not going as hard core as I have other years, I've ran up to ten games on multiple occasions, so this feels like I'm half-assing it.