Saturday, July 26, 2014

Wobble: Fig

Fig, sometimes referred to "The Fig," is a trans-dimensional traveler and basically he looks like a eight foot-tall fig with three eye-sprouts and a fourth sprout, most likely a mouth and airway, at the top of his form. Something of a Dr Who/ Indiana Jones, err action hero with brains in the cross-universal sub-culture. He is something of a psychic and gets into a lot of convoluted plots, sometimes as a good guy and other times as a bad guy. He really dislikes pyramid-heads and often works with Sewer Monkeys for the most obscure reasons.

He likes to travel with humans from Mu-1. Younger women and college-age Italian males tend to be his "companions." These companions stick around for what appears to be two years or so before finding other activities or being dropped off someplace forgotten. These former companions number in the hundreds, even forming trans-dimensional clubs, associations, or organizations. Most are on good terms with Fig, a small number is not. The unhappy ones tend to be loners and not prone to joining with other former companions.

His species is very similar to the Negbho, as similar to that of humans and vulcans, err humanoids with pointy-ears and prone to wearing a lot of eye shadow. That last assumption is based off of conversations with "the Neighbors" not any actual physiological study. He does not need a pressure suit in an Earth-normal atmosphere, nor a few others. This is believed to be because of his immense psychic abilities.

The Fig, Quick 800
Has psychic abilities which correspond to the T&T (7plus) 1st and 2nd level spells.

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