Monday, August 4, 2014

Aug 4: What Did I Do For GenCon?

Kind of a day of moving backwards.

This scene did not occur today

1.) Pre-generated characters for all the scenarios.
a. T&T
b. Glow
c. Spacers ...
6.) Get Glow scenarios to newbie GM.
6.) Get Glow scenarios to newbie GM.

Still working my 36 hour weekend, as I do every other Sat through Mon, so it's not the end of the world. By step backward I mean, that I've discovered that my junior Glow GM's email account is not working and the scenarios that I sent to him have not read him yet. I think he's out of town right now as well and not near an email outlet. I also didn't get the Spacer's PCs done because I was distracted in rewriting the scenario. Still six paragraphs is six paragraphs, and I at least love the product.

To talk a bit the scenario "A Fungus Among Us" has gone from chuckle title with a slight philosophical bend, to that and a RPG session that will get the players into the nitty-gritty feel of space exploration as well. Like I've said, at least I'll be happy with it.

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