Tuesday, August 19, 2014

GenCon2014 O'Rama

Back from the big event and all I can say that it was awesome. I had to leave on Saturday PM, luckily past the crest of the party, for an emergency. Peryton and JerryTel, along with TimS and Darren, took over the booth and we had bumper crop of sales on Sunday. Oh yeah Ken St Andre was there, and he hard sold more copies of this or that than anyone, including myself, in 20 minutes for the whole four days.  So, let's talk about the games that I ran, or didn't.

"Temple Of the Time God" was a decent T&T scenario.  Michelangelo's David was there, which made me quite happy. Cramm was there running his own game. At my table,  there were three and a half new players. I had to shortcut the adventure because because a player named Sam figured out how to be a Wizard just by looking at the first level spells--oh look someone knew how to read words written in English, someone ell the folks in Phoenix. Never mind, they're stoned. The theatrics by the new guys (without even knowing the rules) during the scenario were outstanding. David knew when to help and when to stop.  

Wobble's "Corporate Raiders" had only one player, so I bought her ticket and regaled her with how the scenario has played out from sessions before for about half an hour. Someone remind that the NPC The Weeb has to be added to the multiversal mix. The woman had some good ideas herself.

I jumped in as an NPC and a Co-GM, to help out a bit, during his Glow session for "Valley Of the Towers." The kid GM while wading his way through the slog that is my rules came up with some good crunchy one-on-one combat ideas. The group was pretty awesome and patient. The fem-bot assassin knocked us all out. It didn't hurt that the player was easy on the eyes. Guess what. She won the best player award from her fellow players as well. Funny how that works.

My own "Valley Of the Towers" session had Darrenn Canton finally make some time hanging out with me. Had a fellow from a previous Spacer's game about eight years ago jump in. Had a very full table, then three of the rowdys slipped out to head to the game that they actually had tickets for. One dude was so slick that he offered to get us shots during the break. When I declined until after the game, that is when he informed me of his gang's departure. Hey, I killed their characters quickly. The folks that stuck around moved the plot forward very quickly.

I glimpsed over at TimS's second Glow session "The Temple Of Elvis" during the above session, you know, just to check, multiple times. He was doing just fine. Probably because he'd just finished his indentured servant status as a PeryPubber for the polyglot sprawl that is GenCon.

My Crawlspace game, "The Book that Dripped Blood" had a couple new players and Caed dragged Paul 2.0. It was a great session. Had a hilarious moment went someone crawled next to a missing corpse, that everyone was looking for, while trying to hide from somebody and she had no idea what was going on. Then there was the bathtub scene... . Remember Crawl is PG until after 11, and it was 1am folks. Ended up being three out of the four players already owned the rules. The fourth bought the game the next day.

We don't jump the shark, it jumps us.

Speaking of the next day, Spacers "A Fungus Among Us" had two of three players from last year, Brian and Drew, which was awesome because they are becoming fast friends as well great spacemen. The adventure is a re-boot from some 1999 chat-room sessions and this time around it turned into more of a space travel technical drama, lots of in-ship problems and spacewalks. When the fungus showed, it provided a great climax. This session was a Godzilla Spacers story. I am working out which actors are going to play the PCs in the movie as we speak. 

Sligo jumped in to GM the Qalidar session for the evening. Instead of "There Be Dragons" he ran "The Dust Factory," an homage to a favorite movie of his. Later on he'd do an impromptu session of something else to another group whose GM had not shown up afterwards. The man just can't be stopped.

Stay tuned for more pictures being edited in as we recover our full internet functionality. Check out my travel-blog for the details here sometime this week or weekend as well.



  1. Paul 2.0 here. The Crawlspace session was one of my favorite events of the whole con. Thanks for an awesome game.