Friday, August 1, 2014

Aug 1: What Did I Do For GenCon?

Wat did I do today for to get ready for GenCon?

I came up with a task list of things needing to be done. Listed not in the order of priority.

1.) Pre-generated characters for all the scenarios.
a. T&T
b. Glow
c. Spacers
2.) Check with folks to see when they want to help out at the booth.
3.) Make poster for Crawlspace Deluxe
4.) Make poster for Qalidar Resistance
5.) Make Robin finish the 13 Hour Clock design for Crawlspace sessions.
6.) Get Glow scenarios to newbie GM.
7.) Get Crawlspace character sheets printed up.

And I opened the door to receive our printed works for sale from UPS.

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