Saturday, August 9, 2014

Aug 8 & 9: What Did I Do For GenCon?

Nadda, really .

But things are still very adventure gamey in my life. I've started re-booting our guest bedroom as a gaming den, hey it's an excuse to clean and fix-up my 120 year-old townhouse. Jotting down various little add on notes for "A Fungus Among Us" but in a convention game, high detail rarely gets much play. I just may be revising the whole TROTT mechanic again while working through some ideas for Glow and Spacers, or I may just be going to campaign settings for them and not releasing a game system for them. I suppose once I get some actual playing done that's what will really matter.

Tonight is the road trip to Columbus to game with JerryTel and Action-Liam. Peryton is frittering around the house with excitement this AM. If I see another damn picture of the 5th edition D&D book on my on-line feed today, I'll scream. Guess I had better avoid the internet.

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